Art produces ugly things, which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things, which always become ugly with time.

- Jean Cocteau

Order in Chaos clock

The world is a total mess. It is full of chaotic events, random acquaintances and spontaneous events. Think about your own dreams or even thoughts. The only thing that stabilizes this world is the fading from day to night, a work of time.

The "Order in Chaos" clocks - is a vivid illustration of the self paradigm to overcome the anarchy in you and connect with the universe. This clock is an example of a strange relationship between order and chaos.

The clocks are precise and easy to use, although they look chaotic. The fragments of numbers unite in their hour and then gradually fall to pieces. You can define the time by searching for the least broken numbers.

The minute hand is rotating in the center.

See the time-lapse demonstration.